The Critec Group have been advising on National Infrastructure (NI) security requirements since Critec’s formation in 2001 and our CEO has been involved in NI security projects since 1987; initially in the water and nuclear industries and more recently in gas and electricity transmission.

We work with the client organisation to identify the individual critical assets based on numerous risk and threat scenarios assessing time to repair, spares availability, impact of catastrophic loss (including reputational damage) and associated costs. We then liaise with the response organisations to assess the realistic response time.

Only when all the variables are known and it has been determined that physical and electronic security protection offer the most cost effective solution, will we proceed to design suitable deterrent, delay, detection and verification measures, often in multiple layers, to achieve the required physical standoff and intrusion delays to prevent the asset from being compromised in the period between detection and the arrival of the response authorities.

Even within this specialist area, we have undertaken quite diverse commissions including:

  • Full design and specification of Counter Terrorism measures to water processing facility
  • Development of testing regime, client handover representation, and demonstration to government sanctioning authority on 27 gas and electric transmission security upgrade projects
  • Full project management and client representation on security management systems upgrades at 4 nuclear power stations
  • Witness testing of security upgrades for a program of 200 utility sites delivering regulatory output
  • Security threat, risk and vulnerability assessments for two North Sea gas terminals


Our public sector projects include those for public bodies, such as government departments and the law enforcement and custodial services, and also private organisations working in the public domain, such as public and open space monitoring, public transformation schemes, retail & leisure facilities and educational establishments.

We have extensive experience in identifying capital and operational savings via the selection of appropriate equipment, systems and process optimisation. Our projects are diverse, as are our clients, and range from feasibility studies through full design and specification production to client side project delivery. We prescribe to the principles of Security by Design and utilise both active and passive surveillance in our building proposals to design out crime.

Some of our public sector commissions include:

  • Feasibility study for convergence of 4 public space CCTV control rooms into a single facility
  • Design, specification and client representation for IP HD CCTV upgrades for a property portfolio consisting of 14 retail parks and an urban leisure facility
  • Design, specification and client representation for life safety IP CCTV systems at 5 police custody suites
  • TRV assessments, Operational Security evaluations, security upgrade specification production and client representation to over a dozen school and university campus
  • Project management for security upgrades to 3 Cat A and Cat B prisons
  • Study and recommendations reporting for CCTV upgrades to 20 public transport interchanges
  • Commissioning management for CCTV upgrades to 60 urban rail stations


Our private sector projects have included commissions in the oil & gas, industrial, manufacturing, retail, leisure, pharmaceutical research, educational, data, transportation and banking markets.

Diverse by nature, the key to these commissions is to determine the risk to the client’s business operations, assets and reputation, and then develop a solution that mitigates these risks with the minimum of impact to legitimate practices.

Some of our private sector commissions include:

  • Design and specification for an integrated security system to pharmaceutical corporation European headquarters
  • Audit and recommendations report for security upgrades to a computer game test facility
  • Project management for a series of security upgrades to financial trading floors at numerous locations in Europe
  • Design and specification of CCTV upgrades for a military museum
  • Audit, design, specification and client representation for CCTV and intruder upgrades to 5 facilities for an educational developer
  • Package management for the physical security elements for a 1.2 Bn Euro datacentre construction project
  • Contract management and client representation for CCTV upgrades and new control room build for a petrochemical berthing facility